Workin with Wurkin Stiffs

There are few things that I would say every man must own no matter his line of work, and Wurkin Stiffs are one of them. Besides good tailoring, these $40 pieces of wonder metal are the best investment you can make to tidy up your look. No one likes a collar that looks as though you could achieve liftoff if you muster up enough foot speed. Through the use of magnets, and SCIENCE, Wurkin Stiffs are designed to make any shirt, no matter how old, nor how many times its been washed look darn good.

They work like this - each metal collar stay has a paired magnetic “puck”. The metal collar stays go in the usual slots on the underside of your shirt collar, while the impressively strong magnetic pucks go on the inside of your shirt. The two then snap together, resulting in a more neat and rigid collar.

For those new to Wurkin Stiffs, here is a warning- be careful with the magnets. They tend to get lost fairly easily, and their mirror-like finish doesn't help when they hit the floor. If this  happens, use a metal stay like a magic wand to attract the lost magnet. If you do end up losing one, don’t fret, you can either get official replacement magnets from Wurkin Stiffs or generic 1/8-inch circular magnets from Amazon (which are much cheaper).

Here’s one more important piece of advice. If you’re wearing a tie, don't bother with the magnets. When you wear a tie, your top button is already fastened and the collar lays as intended, so there’s no need for the magnets. Plus, removing your tie while wearing the magnets is a sure-fire way to lose them, we had personal experience in the matter. So, do yourself a favor and keep the magnets on your dresser where they are out of harm’s way.

Do you already own a pair of Wurkin Stiffs? Let us know what you think.