The Gentleman's Bedroom - The Finishing Touches



In this series we’ve curated a modern bedroom that will stand the eye test and the test of time. We have created a bedroom that incorporates the most important part - you. We’re almost there. Let’s add the touches that will make your bedroom a highlight when giving your next date a “tour” of the place.

Empty Space

As discussed in Part 3, the staples of a bedroom are a bed, a dresser, and a nightstand. Unless you live in a glorified walk-in closet like myself, you’ll have some floor space. If you prefer simplicity and space, by all means, keep it as is. But you can also use this space for continuing to make the room your own. For the musicians, why hide your instruments in the closet? They’re functional art. Stand them proudly in a spare corner of the room. Not only will it look great, but it also displays what you’re passionate about. If you spend a lot of time on the computer, doing work, or brushing up on BuzzFeed for 6 hours, then get a desk. Desks aren’t a necessity in the bedroom, but if it allows you to work in peace while your roommates are playing beer pong on a Tuesday, then don’t hesitate to grab one. Make it a small desk though, avoid an executive size desk thats better suited for a Bond Villain. Keep it simple and small. Writing desks and architect desks are great for this. The Go-Cart Carbon Desk from CB2 fits the bill with it’s compact design and modern look. Be sure you have an office chair to match, the Mid-Back Leather Office Chair from FlashFurniture is a good pairing. And if you’re broke after purchasing all the other furniture, you can’t go wrong with a floor plant.

The Other Senses

Making the room visually pleasing will get you nearly there, but what about how it smells? If it smells like a men’s locker room it’s not going to matter that it looks like it belongs in the pages of a Crate & Barrel advert. Keep it smelling pleasant with a candle, incense, or by throwing the windows open. The candle is useful in that performs double duty when setting the mood. And according to a highly scientific poll of my roommates, ⅘ people  enjoy the scent of Joya’s Prism Sky Candle.


So Fresh and So Clean

You have invested a significant amount of time and money in creating a great space to live in, you should protect that investment. Now, we know Frank normally has the trade secrets for Protecting Your Investments but when it came to keeping the bedroom looking its best, we consulted the top experts: our mothers. Here’s what they prescribed (I’m sure you’ve heard these before):

  • Always make your bed in the morning, it makes the room look more presentable and can improve your mental health.

  • Close the dresser drawers.  

  • Dust the furniture from time to time.

  • When you wear something that was on a metal dry-cleaner hanger, throw it in the trash, or make a modern art sculpture with them.

There you have it, you now have a bedroom that’s fit for a gentleman, and more importantly, fit for you. A place to think, to dream, to scroll through your news feed while you should be sleeping. A place that feels like home, even if you rent.




A lifelong Washingtonian save for a stint at the great Pennsylvania State University, Eric now resides in the D.C. area. While not one for sound financial decisions, Eric enjoys the lifestyle and the appeal of the gentleman. He loves the curiosities of life, nothing interests him like traveling to a new place, a well-made suit, house music, or unexpected adventures leading to memorable stories, that is, if he remembers. He’s also the resident bartender for What Is A Gentleman and has the bartending school certificate to prove it.