Decking Out Your Desk

Take a moment and visualize your current desk. Maybe you’re even sitting at it right now. If you didn’t know yourself, and your first impression was based on your desk, what would that first impression be? Is it a good one? Most likely, anyone who takes notice of your desk experiences this same impression.

Strewn across your desk there might be an assortment of pens, pencils, calendars, organizers, coffee cups and other regalia of your typical day at work. Putting off a gentlemanly vibe within that space can be a tough, yet necessary, beast to tame since being clean and organized can go a long way in establishing your perceived professionalism. Whether you hold regular meetings in your personal office or just want to mellow the judgments of those walking by your cubicle, keeping an organized, clean and clutter-free space should always be a priority. As with many topics of discussion here at WIAG, it is best to start with the basics. A few simple upgrades and additions to some everyday tools of the trade can drastically step up your professional appeal. A clean space with an expensive (looking) writing implement, unique notebooks and a custom organizer or calendar can take you over the edge from just being a neat freak to being that consummate, gentlemanly professional everyone is talking about.

In terms of stepping up your pen game, adding a nice pen to your collection (but not throwing away your G2’s) speaks to how seriously you take your job. Maybe you are under the impression that writing is a dying art, that notes can now be typed quote for quote. I say to you, maybe, but there is still certain magic and reward to handwritten notes. Having a fancy fountain or ballpoint pen can take your note taking to another level. Writing those notes in an elegant organizer or notebook rather than typing them can be the difference between looking like you are checking your fantasy team and taking professional notes that demonstrate your care and attentiveness. (Side note: replacing your laptop with a pen and notebook combination in meetings also eliminates many distractions, such as incoming emails and IMs, allowing you to maintain eye contact and an appreciated level of engagement with the speaker between your note taking.) Even if you are not actively writing, the mere presence of a beautifully paired pen and notebook can add some instant class to your organized and clutter-free desk that will pay noteworthy dividends in the long-term.

Check out the following pens and notebooks for some stylish, yet affordable options to help you deck out your desk.

The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen features a sleek design and comes in lots of colors for around $20.

The Fisher Space Pen Bullet is an eye-catching ballpoint pen that comes in a plethora of colors.

The Black Moroccan Ultra Lined Journal is a super sophisticated way to take notes or plan out your days.

Field Notes creates a multitude of handy notebooks in varying styles to match your various needs at a very reasonable price. Having one of these in your back pocket is a must for any gentleman.


For those willing to drop a prettier penny, the Mont Blanc StarWalker is a gorgeous piece of art and a perfect conversation piece any desk.