Playlist: I Want Sum(more)

As the calendar pages turn the leaves begin giving up, Yankee Candle stops selling their beach collection and from the ashes pumpkin rises to prominence. Witnessing these changes I find myself repeating one phrase over and over again, “I want some more”: More scorching beach days digging holes with my feet, more coronas sweating in my hand, slowly sipping the day away, more late night BBQs and more trysts into the swimming pool at 3 am, and more long road trips to anywhere just because why not.

For those of us that aren’t ready to let go of the summer feels, we at What is a Gentleman present I Want Sum(more). No, its not just a witty play on words, I Want Sum(more) is a statement to the sun, the earth, and the seasons. We aren’t ready to trade in our beach towels for piles of leaves. We aren’t ready to change the air freshener from coconut bay to mountain lodge, and were not ready to trade our corona and lime for some pumking ale. At least not yet.

Consider this a curated list of the last semblances of summer 2015. Do not go quietly into the fall. Go on your own terms, with a playlist that hits you like an ocean wave and continues the summer heat.