What is a Gentleman's Holiday Gift Guide

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The Holidays are already right around the corner and, as always, so are the flurry of shopping questions surrounding what gifts you should get for your son, brother, cousin, nephew, uncle, buddy, dad, or boyfriend. Hopefully you have some clue as to what they like, but if you are stuck in the gifting quandary like most of us, check out The Goods.

If that’s not enough, we have gathered a list of some of our go-to stores for men’s clothing - where we go ourselves to get the threads we really want. The price ranges differ from store to store, so for your convenience we’ve tried to bracket them, allowing you to match the merchants to your budget.

High-Priced Heavy Hitters

For the flashy, slim-cut loving picky dresser. Mr Porter is a British company making their mark on the U.S. men’s fashion scene. They do a great job of offering a wide variety of high quality, durable selections and they help out GQ with a lot of their picks. Come here looking for pants, stay for the slim-cut shirts. They have a 30% off sale on now, ending November 28th, which is big news seeing as they almost never have anything on sale.

For the name brand stickler. This famous department store offers almost all of the name brand fashion anyone could ask for. They have a wide range of products and depth within each department. They also provide free shipping and a return policy that’s one of the best in the business. Come here looking for sweaters, stay for the accessories. They have 20% off sale for the weekend, and a 40% designer sale through Monday the 28th.

For the perennial shirt-tucker. Brooks Brothers is an American standard for the clean-cut. With the trademark cuff pleats on their shirts and their classically cut suits, the Bros deliver exactly what you expect and want from them. Come here for the shirts, stay for the suits. On Thanksgiving weekend you can get four of their shirts or two sweaters for $199.

Mid-Tier Champions

For the late 20s and early 30s pack. Boden is another British import making waves in the U.S. They pride themselves on providing great quality everything for everyone in the family, from dad to baby sister. Come here looking for awesome bags, stay for the leisurewear. Their holiday sales special boasts a 30% off your cart and free shipping over $49.

For almost all 20-somethings. Having a hold on the perfect balance between hipster and preppy, J.Crew seemingly can’t go wrong. 90% of their selections season-in and season-out are spot on. Their prices aren’t the cheapest, but don't break the bank. That being said, another option is J.Crew Factory - an even cheaper alternative with very similar styles. Come for the button downs and outerwear, stay for the ties and accessories. Expect 60% off at the factory store and 40% at the OG J.Crew for the Holidays.

For those who lean to the more trendy, hipster style. Urban Outfitters has both fashionable and funky options. They provide some interesting patterns but also have an awesome selection of trinkets for stocking stuffers. You can $50 off of a purchase of $150 or more, and $15 off $75. Come for the t-shirts, sweaters, and backpacks, stay for the awesome selection of gag gifts and books, not to mention vinyls for the record collector.

Lower-Cost Crowd Pleasers

For the suit lover. Selling all the accessories one needs for a suit, The Tie Bar is a one-stop shop for everything from pocket squares to lapel pins to, you guessed it, tie bars. The best part about these guys is their deep inventory and super cheap price points. For cyber Monday you can get holiday socks as a gift when you spend $40 or more, you can also get a free lapel flower with any purchase using a promo code.

For the guy who needs the basics. Uniqlo has a wide range of clothing, all of which is based on the classic pieces that every guy should have, only with a modern twist. They offer high quality clothing relative to their prices and provide a ton of color options, so buying two of everything is easily doable from a price and variety perspective. Come for the sweaters, stay for the athletic gear. This year for Cyber Monday they are have a sale on outerwear and select other items all with free shipping. We expect to see something similar this year.

For the guy who likes everything a little tight. H&M is a low-cost, edgy, designer-inspired streetwear store where the slimmer you are, the more you can pull off. Everything from the t-shirts to the pants are skinny, so be weary if you’re shopping for those gents who are a little big-boned or broad-chested. Come for the skinny jeans, stay for the cardigans. Cyber Monday shopping will get you 20% off your purchase of $30 or more, 25% off $50 or more, and 30% off $100 or more.