2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Photo by  Kari Shea  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Thanksgiving has passed, have you figured out what you are getting the guys in your life? Buying for men can be tricky. We know, we are picky, so here to help everyone get something that is sure to be a hit for that special gentleman on their list, we have curated a special list of gifts we really like in various categories based on the kind of guy you are buying for. 

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Dapper Dan

Gifts for the guy you know who is always one of the best dressed guys in the room. This is your friend or relative that habitually looks really good at weddings, and always makes you think "man he just looks good all the time!" These are also for the guy who pays attention to detail when he dresses, making sure everything is just right.

Fitness Fred

Gifts for the guy who is always in the gym, or just trying to lose a few. Fred is the crossfitter, the gym rat, but he is also the guy trying to tighten the belt. Setting "Fred" up for success with the right gear can be motivating enough to get him started and/or invigorate the habit to continue.

Hygiene Hank

Presents for the man in your life who is serious about their skin. Signs that the guy on your list is a Harry include: Never has dry skin on his face or arms, has clear facial skin, owns facial moisturizing masks, is always putting on chap stick when the temp goes below 55. 

Casual Carl

Clothes for the guy who likes to feel comfy, and look good doing it. Carl isn't into suits, or anything tight, but still likes to dress to impress. He typically likes whiskey, warm drinks and goes with the flow. Get your Carl something he will be sure to like; some warm, comfy clothes for the winter.

Sportsman Samuel

We all have one on our list, the guy who is all about their sports teams. Sammy is a die hard that yells at the TV, lays out jerseys on the couch while the game is on for better “juju,” and only drinks the Bud light cans with their team on them. Sam needs some new gear, so get him something you know he’ll love.

Drink-maker Derrick

Whether its alcoholic, caffeinated, or virgin, these gifts are perfect for the refreshment connoisseur. We aren't calling a Dave a lush, but he is the resident drink maker at your gatherings. He's always trying a new combo of ingredients in his cocktails, has coffee beans from some city 200 miles away, and decides to try some elaborate cocktail, or make an artisan pour over in the middle of a party when a simple bud light, or k-up will do.