Strapped. Dress Shoes for the Modern Consultant (Sponsored)


My fellow consultants, accountants, legal grinders, and office dwellers, lend be your ears! The time is nigh to gander down at your feet and ask yourself the question “could these feet be looking a bit better?” Chances are the answer is, “yeah probably.” Well you’re in luck. We have a shoe review that will interest you (hooray for accidental rhyme schemes). We are talking Monk straps today gents. These Beckett Simonon buckle boys are the best alternative to oxfords, derby shoes, and loafers. So if you are tired of wearing the same style shoes every week, over and over, these are the “new you” pick.

The Eye Test: The leather on these monk(eys) is spectacularly smooth and looks just as supple as they feel. If quality is important to you, and you like things that look more expensive than they are, just take a look at the photos we took (above and below). They look like they could be $600+ easily, but at a price point of $300, they’re a complete steal. Beyond the price and the leather, let’s talk styling. The double monk straps do make them slightly less formal than a single strap or an oxford, but they are still plenty appropriate for any office occasion and most weddings. The only formal occasion we wouldn’t wear these to is a black tie mandatory event, but event then, you could get away with ‘em.

The wear/dance test: I took these monk straps on a silent retreat in the mountains of tibet to bring the style back its namesake. Not really, but I did wear them around town and to a wedding. I got a ton of compliments and they felt like I’ve had them for months. With as much dancing as I do, I was a little worried to give them such a hard-wearing first day out, but they stood the test of dance, without killing my feet. I would also suggest going with no-show socks for the warmer months, as long as you have tailored pants, otherwise standard dress socks will do just fine.

A note on sizing: As we’ve said in previous reviews of Beckett Simonon shoes, the sizing is a little big. I normally wear a 10.5, these were 10s and fit pretty well, and the insert they come with can also help if you have any extra room, so when you order I would order a half to a full size down.

In short, if you are going for a look a bit outside of the norm, these are a great go-to.

Grab your own pair for $300... however, as of posting time they are on sale for $200 which is a total steal.

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