Winter 2018: Cold Snap Adventures



  • Climate: 0-35 degrees (F)
  • Dress Code: Casual - Work Wear
  • Color Theory: Brown/Gray
  • Full Outfit Price Range: $280-$646 (excluding accessories)

On the Top

Flint and Tinder Moleskin Shirt Jacket: Is it a shirt? Is it a Jacket? We can't exactly say, all we know is that it's really durable, comfy and warm- perfect for the second layer on those super cold days. $188*

L.L. Bean Katahdin Iron Works Fleece-Lined Shirt: The Bean is here to rescue you from the cold with their fleece-lined shirt. It is super warm and has an awesome work-shirt look that fits in a job site as well as it does at the local bar.  $80*

Boden Milano Crew Neck Sweater: Stay classy and warm wherever you are with a soft sweater that goes perfectly over your typical work button-down This is perfect when you need a work-play crossover top for your Thursday or Fridays. $85*

On the Bottom

Bonobos Flannel-Lined Chinos: Keeping the trunks warm during a cold snap isn't a huge challenge if you're moving around, however a slow stroll in jeans may not be enough to keep your thighs from numbing. Enter the Flannel lines chinos, while we may not roll them at the bottom like they're show, they sure do keep our thighs toasty. $108*

Billabong Outsider Corduroy Pants: Texture! Texture! Feel all about it! Add some soft and bumpy to your winter wardrobe palette with some supple, stretchy cords. These bad boys have the stretch to let you move and the warmth to keep you comfortable with or without a little friction. $60*

Marmot Holgate Pants: If you are one to not let the cold temperature deter your outdoor adventure, then these moisture wicking, water resistant pants are the right choice. These nylon, stretchy chino-esque  pants are great for hiking the steps to your friends third story walk up or the hills of your local park. $75*

On the Feet

Allen Edmonds Normandy Boots: Where rugged meets luxury, these Normandy boots are made of super soft kudu leather that is uniquely aged, ensuring that your pair is unlike any other. The treads and high-top uppers make these a solid choice for a snow day adventure. $350*

Cole Haan Grantland Waterproof Chelsea Boots: For the guy that wants to feel a little more refined in his footwear style but keep his toes gripped to the sidewalks, these boots are the proper choice. $240 (on sale for $160)*

Sperry Decoy Shearling Duck Boots: If you are more focused on the functional side of footwear, these duck boots are waterproof and super warm with a wool lining. $140*


Criquet Throwback Beanie: We know, it's winter and winter means dark colors, but we dare you to add a bit of color, like the Kelly Green of this beanie to give your look a little shock and awe.  $30

TRNDLabs Touchscreen Gloves: There are few things as frustrating as texting with gloves on, either they are too big, so you mishit the keys, or the touchscreen enabled parts aren't where they need to be, so you end up taking them off altogether. These on the other hand, are grippy gloves that fit snuggly around your hand and you can use what ever fingers you want with pretty impressive precision. These are the best touchscreen gloves we've tried to date, hands down.  $20*

L.L. Bean SmartWool Barnsley Crew Socks: Keep them toes warm and dry with some fashionable and functional merino wool socks. They are great insulators for hiking through the snow and phenomenal toe warmers for the mornings as you scamper across your cold kitchen floor to get to your fridge. $22*