Summer 2018: Summer Daze Out



  • Climate: 70-85 degrees (F)
  • Dress Code: Casual Streetwear
  • Color Scheme: Brown
  • Full Outfit Price Range: $177-$308 (excluding accessories)

The Top

Frank and Oak Marled Jasper Short Sleeve Green Oxford: This 100% cotton SSBD (Short Sleeve Button Down) is perfect for summer outings and impending fall days. It's breathable, and sophisticated. Wear it to the bar, the club, or the roof. This shirt can do it all. $50*

Rhone Delta Pique Polo: A polo that puts your old Ralph Lauren's to shame. This grown-up, moisture wicking pique weave polo is perfect for the golf course and any day date when late summer heat hits. The collar keeps it formal, and the tapered design makes it form-fitting without constricting. $88*

Buck Mason Slub Curved Hem Tee: For the casual day out, this shirt from Buck Mason is perfect. The slub cotton fabric is extra breathable, and the curved hem gives your outfit a more progressive look. $28*

The Bottom

Boden Chino Chalk Pink Shorts: plain chinos are a great go-to for days wandering about in the Summer. These have a 7 inch inseam, so they wont hit your knee, and make you seem a little taller. The pink is a great summer statement color that isn't overpowering, perfect for any casual outing. $65*

Flint and Tinder Cool Chinos: Made from lightweight cotton, and manufactured in LA, these brand new chinos from Flint and Tinder are cool in more ways than one. They breath, and have a little give, making them super comfy for those warmer days you want to cover your calves. $98*

Club Monaco Conner Stretch Chinos: If you want something a little more bold for a day out and about, opt for something mildly flashy on the bottom. It's different and doesn't scream, give me attention. These white chinos have plenty of stretch so the more tailored cut wont feel constricting while looking custom fitted. Now on sale for $54*

The Feet

All Birds Wool Runners: Wool? In the Summer? On my feet!? Yes. All birds are super comfortable, all year round shoes. The wool is super breathable, naturally antimicrobial (to fight the stink) and again, crazy comfy. The wool runners are a perfect casual, walk around all day and night shoe that works with pants and shorts so you won't be limited in your bottom selection should you want to sport these specifically. $95*

Cole Haan Grant Canoe Penny Loafers: A brown loafer is a great semi-casual day or night out shoe. It has a comfortable fit, and more formal details letting you look right at home in the pub, on the roof deck, and the wine bar. $110*

Adidas NMD R1s: These are the most casual, but also the most street worthy shoes on the list. NMDs are super comfy, sporty, and have a distinct street style for those who are tired of the prestos, and want a more elements than the ultraboosts provide at a lower price point. $130*


DSTLD Men's Thin Leather Belt: A thinner leather belt in the summer is more appropriate, as many shorts and lightweight pants tend to have smaller belt loops, and the general aesthetic of less material goes a long way. This one from DSTLD is hand crafted in the USA which is always a plus.  $45*

Bombas No-Show Socks: If you are going to wear socks with shorts, it's really all or nothing, and since taller tube socks are for basketball and frat bros, we say go no-show, to keep the look clean.  $46*

Timex Fairfield Chronograph: To tie together the whole outfit, we have a classic time piece that matches in simplicity, formality, and color scheme. This Timex Chronograph shows an attention to detail, without being flashy. At a price point under $100 it's a solid watch that won't push you to break open your piggy bank, which is always a plus. $99