Late Summer 2018: It's Business Time

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


  • Climate: 75-90 degrees (F)
  • Dress Code: Business semi-formal
  • Color Scheme: Brown
  • Full Outfit Price Range: $562-$1,073 (excluding accessories)

The Outer Layer

Indochino Burgundy Houndstooth Blazer: Make a bold statement with this awesome maroon blazer. With a piece like this, you will definitely draw some attention, and because it's made to measure it is sure to be at least a decent fit, meaning it will look better than most things off the rack for a similar price. $279*

Brooks Brothers Milano Fit Two-Button Blazer: An office classic. This navy two-button blazer can be a go-to for almost any occasion. The two-button, dual vent, all cotton construction gives navy blazer a modern relaxed look and feel, and won't be as warm as its wool counterparts. $498*

Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer: For the hottest days you need to wear a jacket, an unconstructed blazer is the piece to save you from the heat. This blazer is more relaxed in style, but keeps it on the cooler side, should you need to go into a hot subway, or outside at all during the random 90 degree days that will likely last until October... Thanks Al Gore. $400*

The Top

T.M. Lewin Fitted Textured White Cross Shirt: With the prominent coloring of the jacket choices, let's keep the shirts fairly simple. This white dress shirt has some serious texture, rather than a pattern, leading to a more subtle sense of higher quality. $58*

Napoleon & Co Sky Blue Non-Iron Dress Shirt: Napoleon & Co specializes in shirts made for guys 5'9" and under. They are brand new, with this shirt being in their inaugural release. These are super soft and fit the body nicely for those not so vertically gifted. Plus right now you can use the whatisagent25 for 25% and free shipping for your entire order! $99

Charles Tyrwhitt Sky Blue Mini Grid Twill Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt makes some truly non-iron shirts. We aren't sure how they do it, but if you even threaten these things with an iron they get scared straight. Plus, the tight grid in this pattern isn't too bold to take away from the total ensemble, making it perfect for Jackets and pants you'll find in this post. $110*

The Bottom

Bonobos Stretch Weekday Warrior Chinos: These are the go-to's for your daily grind. A lighter color, lighter feeling, stretch chino is just what the doctor ordered for you to look good and feel comfortable at work. $108*

The Tie Bar Wool Pants: We know, pants from "The Tie Bar?" Yes Damnit! These wool and spandex blend pants are light, comfy and super moister wicking (shout out to wool). We suggest the trim fit to keep things looking fitted. These make great daily wearers, should you decide to get more than one. $75*

Club Monaco Sutton Stripe dress Trouser: If you want to be a little different and keep your core temperature down in the late summer heat, then grab pants that have some linen in them like these from Club Monaco. Just formal enough for the office and different enough to grab a little attention during your post-work beer in 85+ degree heat. $130*

The Feet

Taft Lucca Monk in Cognac: As with any outfit, the shoes are a huge part of tying everything together and making a statement. These are quite the statement piece. If you are faint of heart then we suggest going with another option in this section. The woven mid is super impressive and the monks add some formality laces can't match. If you're bold, these are the pick. $290*

Crosby Square Imperial Derby: For those looking for a simpler, everyday shoe, these Imperial derby shoes from Crosby Square are a well-built version of a classic. Made with high quality goods, and handcrafted, these will be sure to last and look timeless. $335

Cole Haan Hamilton Grand Bit Loafer: If you are trying to expose some ankle and go a little more casual during the remainder of your warm weather meetings, then these bit loafers are a solid choice. The bits do give off a little bit of a "deal sled" vibe, but the fact that they aren't black and under $200 means they aren't as pompous. $150*


Daniel Wellington Bristol Watch: During work hours, a timepiece is necessary. Not only does it actually help you stay on top of the time, it makes you look like you're able to do things in a timely manner. If you want to be taken more seriously, wear a watch. This one from DW is a simple, timeless, and goes with pretty much any brown shoe/belt combination. $219*

Warby Parker Ames Sunglasses: A critical part of any summer commuting work gear is the perfect pair of sunnies. These Ames sunglasses from Warby Parker are an ode to a classic elevated profile, plus with Warby you can get your prescription in them for fairly cheap. $145*

Everyman Co. Grafton Pen: What you write and take notes with in a meeting can make more of an impression than you may think. Impress your partner, principal, manager, or boss with this perfectly-weighted, made-for-life Grafton pen. $35