Onyx and Oxford Mid-Calf Classic Socks

via OnyxandOxford.com

via OnyxandOxford.com

Listen up gents. Socks aren't just for sock puppets. I know its surprising, I was also shocked when I found out they also go on your feet. But fear not! Apparently wearing fashionable socks makes you look like you have your sh*t together and for that reason they are worth the buy. These socks are 100% cotton, and charcoal meaning they can go with black and blue, so feel free to rock the brown, black or cordovan shoes. As far as the brand, Onyx and Oxford is a new company that has a man's closet essentials on lockdown, providing USA made, ethically sourced, basics including you guessed it, oxfords. SO check em out, and start with the socks.

Available on Onyxandoxford.com for $18


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