Benny Gold Oatmeal Baseball Tee



For those who don't know about Benny Gold, pull up a chair. Benny is half skateboarder, half designer, half coffee enthusiast, half parent. That's a lot of halves, but we never said we were good at math. Benny Gold has a unique style that has been apparent over the years in his various logos and designs, none more famous than his signature paper plane. While we aren't close enough to go to his coffee shop-retail store, if you are in the San Francisco area, it is definitely worth at least a coffee stop. As for our pick, we really like this oatmeal-charcoal striped tee because it is an off-beat color, perfect for fall, goes beyond your normal tee with the paper plane logo and the sleeve stripes and is 100% cotton meaning it will breath well and feel good against your skin. We suggest you wear this vintage-esque tee with blue jeans and some P.F. Flyers, because, why not?

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