Sonos Play:1 Wifi Speaker



Music is a powerful tool. It can add tension to your scary movie scenes, energy to your workouts, and peacefulness to your morning routine. The ambiance amplifier that is a good sound track is an awesome mood adjuster or augmenter that necessitates a true-sounding speaker to give you the full effect. The Play:1 wifi speaker from Sonos, while it is the smallest format Sonos provides, is exactly that. This little guy emits some serious sound. Note that while this isn't a bluetooth speaker you can take everywhere, you can put this anywhere around your house, without having to worry about running upstairs and disconnecting, ruining the mood for everyone not in your area of your house. It is humid resistant but not water proof, so you can put it in your bathroom but keep it out of the rain. It runs off of the Sonos app that integrates with all the major music streaming apps, and has localized controls on the speaker itself for when the master of the music is out of the room and you need to adjust the levels. The best part is its ability to build off other Sonos products, allowing you to listen to the same music throughout the house or turn on different tunes in each rooms, giving you full audio control over your space.

Available on for $200


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