The North Face Revolve 2 Hooded Jacket



If the weather so far in March is any indication of how April will go, you are going to need a good rain jacket. While this one isn't going over your suits, it is still important to keep yourself dry when meandering about on your off time during the rainy season in the eastern half of the US. This North Face Revolve Jacket is light weight, with a relaxed fit to go over your spring layers without scrunching them or allowing the tails to peak out of the bottom. The outside is 100% rain proof, which is the basis of what you need in a rain jacket (obviously). What The North Face does well, and is apparent in this jacket, is heat and sweat permeation. The polyester mesh lining wicks sweat away and the vent design keeps the interior of the jacket comfortable while you trek to the train station during a downpour. An essential for hiking in the spring, and a perfect light jacket to throw on when hitting the grocery store.

Available on for $90


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