Indochino Navy Plaid Seersucker Blazer

Summer is for seersucker, and if we have as mild of a Fall as we did last year, so is most Fall (thanks, Al Gore). When you think seersucker, chances are you weren't thinking this, which is why we like so much. It's a more formal, less stereotyped seersucker blazer that has a formal quality the classic blue and white stripe design doesn't. This jacket is 50% wool, 43% cotton, and 7% spandex meaning it will have the structure of wool, the soft touch and breathability of cotton, and have some added stretch for when your evening out gets a little rowdy and you need to bust a move. And for those out there thread counting, you're looking at super 120s meaning it is for regular wear. Right now Indochino is having a summer sale with the code ENDLESS that is only on for another 3 days so grab this sucker soon.

Available on sale at for $280 (46% off from $520)


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