Kiehls "Ultimate Man" Soap


Bars of soap, like tighty whiteys, seem like things only your Dad uses we know, but this bar from Kiehl's has changed our minds. For us, there are two main issues with bars of soap. Issue 1: The terrible residue left on your skin that makes your hand randomly stick to your arms as you attempt to wipe off the "silky" suds making you feel like you just added to the muck you were attempting to remove. Issue 2: the complete lack of exfoliation, making your cleaning process feel more like a cover-up rather than a real-deal scrub session. This bar from Kiehl's first and foremost smells like guys in the lab picked the manliest lemon they could find and shoved it forcefully into a mixture of oats and called it complete. This bar also has oat bran (yes, like the cereal) that provides just the right amount of exfoliant that doesn't feel like shards of glass but also won't make you wish you picked up your loofa. And finally, there is no sticky residue, which Steve, our tester, didn't think was actually possible in a bar of soap. So good job Kiehl's you win this round. 

Available on for $15


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