Bather Trunk Co. Surfer Trunk - Abstract Palms



This week, we are in vacation mode. So be prepared to look through beachy, adventure-driven goods picks this week. To kick things off, the corner stone of any vacation-packing endeavor, the swim trunks. We always suggest you bring at least two, and one should be these. With a 6.5" inseam and a fairly short outer seam, these retro-inspired thigh huggers are short enough to not give you a weird tan line, and re cut to show off those muscle monsters you've been toning all winter. These shorts are made from 100% nylon, meaning they will dry quickly, and with a snap pocket, you can keep a little bit of cash in the back pocket just in case, without worrying if it will get taken by the waves, or a slimy beach invader.

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