S'well 64oz Roamer Canteen

via swellbottle.com

via swellbottle.com

Whether you are adventuring through the mountains on your vacation, or just lounging at the beach, staying hydrated is key. If you plan on being in the sun, bringing enough water for you and your adventure partner is going to be crucial. This 64oz Roamer from S'well is built to keep your drink of choice cold for 24 hours, without causing any condensation on the outside, meaning you won't have to keep brushing the sand off if you are on the beach, and it wont get your bag all wet when carrying it around.

The best way to keep the party-a-goin' is to keep the aqua-a-flowin' so you can last all day and all night. Hydration is key and this S'well Roamer is best large format container you can find.

Available on swellbottle.com for $75


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