Tie Bar

Photo via  GQ

Photo via GQ

The tie bar is the one of the more approachable accessories  for a suit. This is the first, tentative step most take to attest to a higher calling in terms of fashion and to separate themselves from the herd. It is a simple and  economical addition to the  wardrobe as it can subtly change a look when worn properly. That being said, there are a few rules to wearing a tie bar.

The cardinal sin of wearing a bar is wearing one that is wider than the width of your tie. While I am not generally an advocate of hard and fast rules in fashion, I do feel this is one to be followed. Good fashion is often an exercise in proportions; when the bar is wider than the tie, the proportions are off, giving the outfit an ill-fitting look. So, when ordering a bar first go through your ties, measure their width and then  purchase bars of less girth.

The second commandment is the placement of the tie bar. It should not be placed at the belt nor the tie knot, nor should it sit near the belly button. Ideally, this testament to good fashion should be worn between the second and third buttons of your shirt, the most preferable spot being just above the third button. 

The third is the bar should be clipped to the back of your shirt rather than the back of your tie. The purpose of the tie bar is functional, to keep the tie from moving about, which is why you secure it to your shirt.This also stops the bar from shimmying down your tie and gives it added support so it does not tilt. 

The last and possibly most important rule is knowing when not to wear a tie bar. In today’s world there is a trend toward fitting as many accessories as possible into an outfit but there’s something to be said for simplicity. Simplicity gives your outfit focus, each accessory should be carefully chosen to accentuate your look, not simply because they’re available to you. If you’re already wearing a pocket square, a lapel pin, or a watch it’s sometimes best to leave the bar in the drawer.



Tie bars are available in a wide range of colors and cuts so there’s room for improvisation. We recommend thetiebar.com, which has a number of styles at reasonable prices. Use your judgement based on your personal style, and select one that complements the colors of your outfit and vibe you want to give.

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