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All gentlemen know music is essential to a great life. It can change your entire mood, elevating you to the highest of highs or dragging you down into melancholic dumps. In this day and age, we have it with us all the time in digital form on our mobile phones. We can comfortably and personally listen to music with headphones, and streaming services provide entire libraries of millions of songs at our fingertips. When we want to listen with more than a few people, however, we run into the issue. We need heavier lifting to be done. We need it to be louder.

Many portable Bluetooth speakers out there do the job. Not all of them do it well. So when you’re on the move and need to crank up the jams in a jiffy, or just trying to  set the mood with that special someone, we did the research and here are the two best portable speakers you can buy, and special mention for a personal contributor favorite:

1 )  Logitech EU Boom$195.09

This thing gets LOUD. Moreover, it sounds fantastic. The battery lasts at least 15 hours. Additionally, its tall, cylindrical body is well designed and looks great. There are multiple color options and it is water-resistant. If your friend has one too, you can even pair multiple speakers up for a truly stereo experience. Additionally, it has a range of about 35 feet (standard for Bluetooth).

2) Bose SoundLink Mini - $199.00

Bose is known for quality products, and this little guy does not disappoint. The aluminum body is sleek and clean. On sound quality, this is the best out there for the price and size. It’s also smaller than the EU Boom, albeit a bit heavier. Unfortunately, its range is only around 15 feet.

If you are looking for something even more portable, you’re going to sacrifice sound volume and quality. A gentleman should not sacrifice those two things if he can help it. It’s the same deal if you are looking for something cheaper. Take some time and save up for quality. In the meantime, focus on building those epic playlists to create those excellent vibes.

3) Jawbone Jambox - $129.99- 299.99

*Gentleman owned*: Jawbone has been in the bluetooth audio business for years and has made a variety of products over the years. The Jambox family of audio speakers is a personal favorite of What is a Gentleman contributor Stephen Cassano, who has had a 1st gen Jambox for 3 years now and the thing is still kicking and blaring out some major sound. The $149.99 price-point for the middle size box is a great spend for gentleman looking for a solid speaker but on a tight budget. Note: this speaker would not be ideal for major parties/outdoor use, but perfectly suitable for individual/small group listening in most apartment settings.

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Matt Dooley grew up at the base of the Rocky Mountains, skiing fresh powder every chance he could and enjoying the scenic mile-high region. He attended the University of Denver and, after finishing school, headed east. In DC, Matt has worked hard to develop his sense of being a gentleman. He quickly realized it’s an enigmatic concept that takes on many forms for different guys. Employing his unique perspective, Matt believes in the mission of WIAG to begin the conversations that propel us into the true gentleman of the 21st century.