The Valentine's Day Playlist by NowOnRepeat

Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday. You don’t need a holiday to show someone you care about them. And you don’t need Hallmark or Russell Stover to help you prove it. So instead of buying something that comes in red, why not enjoy a night out with the woman in your life? Why not take her somewhere special, enjoy a drink or two, and end the night just curled up in each other’s arms? To set the mood for your Valentine’s Day evening, we enlisted the help of our friend at NowOnRepeat to curate a playlist to get your emotions flowing and your hearts beating to the same rhythm. Variety is essential to a good relationship, and the same goes for a good playlist. Like a box of chocolates, you don’t know what you’re going to get. So press play, light a fire, pour a couple drinks, reminisce on memories past, and make some new ones this Valentine’s Day.