The Gentleman's Bedroom - The Bed

In the last edition of the Gentleman’s Bedroom, we took care of the most under appreciated element of the bedroom; organization. With everything in its place, you’ve made the space for you to really get creative with the rest of the room. But before we talk decoration, lets take care of the place where you’ll be spending the most time, and hopefully not all of it sleeping. Let’s talk about the bed.

The perfect bed is all about the right combination of comfort, style, and personality. If you have the cash, this purchase should be seen as an investment, since you’ll be spending a better part of a decade with it.

The Mattress

The foundation of a bed you won’t want to get out of is of course the mattress. Now, this  is not something that can simply be recommended , it’s a matter of personal preference. Whether you enjoy a firm or soft mattress, you have to find out for yourself in person. On that note, if you’re purchasing a permanent mattress, make it count. You don’t want to spend 5+ years on a glorified cardboard mat, buy one that’s most comfortable for you. Don’t be intimidated by the price tag, you’re going to be spending tens of thousands of hours on this mattress (I didn’t want to do the math). Look at it this way, over the long run, under a 24-month financing plan you’ll be paying an extra $40 per month to get a $1,500 mattress, compared to a $500 mattress.  

The Bed Frame

Now, you can’t just set your nice mattress on the floor and call it a day, you’ll risk looking like Rust from True Detective. If you’re strapped for cash just use the included box spring and spend the extra coin on the mattress. Otherwise, you’ll need a bed frame. When it comes to a bed frame, we recommend something simple yet modern. You can’t go wrong with black.  And since half of your other furniture is from Ikea why buck the trend? The Ikea Malm is an affordable and sleek frame. Word to the wise, check your local Craigslist for one that someone has already put together, you’ll save yourself the aggravation of trying to assemble the pieces with the included Fisher Price tools.  For those in need of extra storage as suggested in Part 1, grab a bed frame with storage.

The Bedspread

The most noticeable part of a bed is the bed spread. It sets the stage for the rest of the setup, making it one of the hardest parts of setting up your bed. With a vast range of options available at department stores, it’s easy to purchase a bedspread better suited to come standard in a minivan. You can go a couple of different ways with this with either a duvet, comforter, or a large wool blanket. Despite what Tyler Durden said in Fight Club, not all men know what a duvet is. A duvet is a large blanket, similar in form and function of a comforter, that can be filled with down or alternative fillings depending on the weight you desire. Unlike comforters, you’ll also need to purchase a duvet cover, which encases the duvet. I know it seems excessive buying both, but it has its advantages. You’ll be able to tailor it to you by creating your own design, instead of being limited by a pre-created comforter set. Additionally, if you want to change things up with a duvet, all you have to do is swap out the duvet cover. On the other hand, comforters are a thick pre-filled blanket, often found in large department stores, that usually come in matching sets with other bedding items, making it a straightforward if generic choice. The final bedding option is a large wool blanket that’ll keep you warm just as well as any duvet or comforter. When purchasing any of these options, the most important rule is to keep it simple. Don’t be a hero, take advantage of neutral colors so the rest of your setup will pop. We like this Platinum Belgium Linen Cover + Sham from West Elm; it’s an understated, yet modern look. If you like the look of the wool blanket, Faribault Woolen Mill Co. are an American institution that produces high quality wool blankets. A clean wool blanket like this would be an addition to any bedroom.

The Sheets

Contrary to popular belief, thread count isn’t everything. Thread count really only refers to the number of woven threads in a square inch. Up to a point, this makes the sheets softer, but it’s more dependent on the quality of the material, making it more important to focus on the fiber and weave of the sheet. You want a cotton-based sheet because its all-season and is more breathable than their polyester or micro-fiber counterparts. Combed, egyptian, and pima cotton are the highest quality cotton sheets, and they’re a better indicator of softness than thread count will ever be. Having 200-400 thread count with any of these types of cotton will keep you comfortable. In addition to type of cotton, the weave of the material also determines the softness of the sheet. Percale and Sateen are the softest weaves available. These Belo Coral Sheet’s from Crate and Barrel are a perfect example of an all-season percale weaved sheet. So next time your friend’s bragging about his number at the bar (thread count number I mean), impress him with your intimate knowledge of materials and weaves. On second thought, don’t, just sentence him to get the next round of drinks for bringing up bed sheets at the bar.

Final Touches

With the bedspread sorted out, it’s time for a few more finishing touches. Like the mattress, we can’t recommend pillows since they’re specific to your personal taste. But be sure you get yourself a pillow that fits your sleeping style. For example, if you’re a stomach sleeper, don’t choose a plush pillow. However, we do recommend adding a couple of throw pillows. Throw pillows serve a more aesthetic rather than functional purpose, adding some variety and a dash of color to contrast the neutral hues of your bedspread. Have fun with these, you can either get loud with these or continue with the simplicity theme. If simplicity is your thing, we endorse these Accent Pillows from Homeware. They’re a classic look with a hint of unique texture that contrasts the color of your bedspread. If you want to make a statement, this Maze Graphic Stripes Throw Pillow from NECTARmodern should do it. In addition to  throw pillows, you should also look into a throw blanket to finish off the entire setup. Throw blankets are smaller than the wool blankets that we mentioned before and are intended more for decoration than protection from cold Monday mornings. You can either fold them at the base of your bed or drape them around a chair in your room. Like the throw pillows, have the throw blanket contrast the color of the bedspread. Faribault Woolen Mill Co. also makes some fantastic throws. We like Faribault’s Trapper Wool Throw in either navy or grey.

With the bed made, and do try to make it each morning, you now have the centerpiece of your room. In next week’s article, we’ll focus on building around your bed. More so than the previous steps, the next steps of creating the gentleman’s room focus more on being able to inject personality into the room and truly make it yours.




A lifelong Washingtonian save for a stint at the great Pennsylvania State University, Eric now resides in the D.C. area. While not one for sound financial decisions, Eric enjoys the lifestyle and the appeal of the gentleman. He loves the curiosities of life, nothing interests him like traveling to a new place, a well-made suit, house music, or unexpected adventures leading to memorable stories, that is, if he remembers. He’s also the resident bartender for What Is A Gentleman and has the bartending school certificate to prove it.