Cleaning Out The Millennial Closet

Remember when you left for college? You gathered everything you owned (and maybe some things your dad owned), made two piles, and packed what would make you look good to girls, cool to bros, and employable to recruiters. As you go through life, moving onward and upward, there will always be things you take with you, and things you leave behind.

When you graduate to the real world, we encourage you to do the same. As fresh as those retro Jordan IIIs are, they’re unfortunately not going to “fly” at the next work happy hour. You don’t have to graduate to clean house, if you’re moving or just bought a few new suits, comb through the closet and make space. As you make all that space for the perfect closet, donate your old garments to Goodwill, so someone else can impress their friends with that “fresh” Seattle Super Sonics Snapback.



  • Oxford Shoes
  • Collegiate Hoodie
  • Gym Shorts - you’ll still lift, bro
  • Going Out Jeans - you’ll still go out, bro
  • Chinos
  • Tapered Button Down Shirts
  • Nice Pair of Sweatpants - for “those” days
  • Pair of Basketball Shoes
  • Pair of Running Shoes
  • Polo Shirts
  • Hiking Boots/Going Out Boots
  • Boat Shoes/Canvas Shoes
  • Technical Jacket
  • Adidas Slides - just not outside the house
  • Pea Coat/Top Coat
  • Ties
  • Solid Color Tee’s
  • Thermals
  • Sports Jerseys - for the game, or drinking
  • Winter Hat
  • Gloves

Lose it

  • Light Wash Jeans
  • Baggy Jeans
  • Graphic Tee’s
  • Cargo Anything
  • Swishy Pants
  • PacSun Skate Shirts
  • Sweat Stained 59FIFTY Baseball Cap
  • White Ts with Pit Stains
  • The 14 bright colored polos and their matching undershirts
  • The Fracket
  • Anything with holes, even your favorite hoodie
  • Any Tee you turned into a cut off
  • Square Toe Shoes
  • Cloth Dual-Ring Belt - you know, the one that came with the Aeropostale shorts you should probably also lose
  • The Joseph A. Bank or Mens Wearhouse suit your parents bought you for career fairs
  • The too wide ties you “borrowed” from your dad’s closet
  • Free Tee’s
  • Snap-Button Button Downs