P.F. Flyers: A Blast From the Past (Sponsored)

One name is all the context you need to remember the P.F. Flyers brand: Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez. The fabled small-town hero from the American classic The Sandlot was the best kid to play the game as far as we’re concerned. P.F. Flyers were made eternal for coming out with the only shoe that could outrun “the beast.”

While they are known to every American boy as the shoe that can make you “run faster and jump higher,” most are unaware of the reason for their famed boost to the owner’s athleticism - the “Magic Wedge.” This new (in the 1960s) insert shocked the industry when it first came out. It was the predecessor of the modern day insole, as it was designed to evenly distribute the weight of the foot in the shoe and provide better arch support.

It all makes sense once you realize that P.F. stands for Posture Foundation.

Fast-forward a few decades and P.F. Flyers have renovated the floors of their classic All-American Hi’s, merging the New Balance Fresh Foam with the classic P.F. insert. These canvas hi-tops are a child of ageless vintage design and modern shoe performance. They have a classic facade that still provides curb appeal and an interior infrastructure that supports the foot in ways other shoes of similar designs don’t seem to do. This means you can run, jump, stomp, stand, or mosh for as long as your legs will hold you without having to worry about the pain your feet are in from poor foot support. History seems to be repeating itself here...

We took the new All American Hi’s for a spin, putting them to the test on the street, in motion, and in fashion. We found that they hold up across the spectrum.

The look test: The duck canvas gives the shoe great texture and makes it stand out from other classic high-tops. We prefer the natural, cream color because it gives off a more original feel. Pairing these kicks with jeans or dark chinos (think maroon or forest green) provides great contrast between the pants and shoes in terms of coloring and textures. It’s a look that works regardless of whether you’re strolling down the boardwalk or walking to your neighborhood coffee spot.
Check it out for yourself.

Garment List: T-Shirt, Pants, Button-Down (Discontinued), Watch, Sun Glasses

The wear test: Our editor, Tyler, sported these bad boys for a day as a first wearer. His review: “These things are way more comfortable than my Chucks.” That being said, he did mention a little soreness by the end of a 12-hour wear, which is normal with new shoes.

Grab your own pair for just $70...which is a steal if you ask us.


You made it to the end! Here is your reward: One of their sweet Johnny Quest commercials. Sadly, they aren't selling their awesome PF magic rings anymore. :(