A Man's Guide: The Fall Jacket (2018)


Fall went from zero to one hundred real quick. Last week most of the country was in the 80’s and this weekend, a lot of the northern states have seen temps' in the 40’s. This quick drop in temperature has jumpstarted everyone’s need for a new Fall jacket, so here we are to help. What kind of jacket do you throw on on your way to work? What about on the weekends? Are there jackets that can do both? We have list of jackets that cover you in you time this of need, whether it’s formal, casual, or somewhere in between. Click on any of the images to cop your new Fall Jacket.

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More Formal: Good for Business

These jackets will have fewer flourishes but are made from more high-quality fabrics in order to look more formal. Wool-cotton blends are big here, as are button closures, and an overall refined aesthetic as you would expect.

All Saints Bodell Coat

via allsaints.com*

Bonobos Italian Wool Car Coat

via bonobos.com*

Club Monaco Funnel-Neck Topcoat

via clubmonaco.com*

More Casual: Weekend Fits

Your more casual Fall jackets will have more character, different collars, and more pockets. Show off your unadulterated personality with a top layer that has something to say.

Levi’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket

via levis.com*

Members Only Racer Jacket

via membersonly.com

All Saints Jasper Leather Biker Jacket

via allsaints.com*

Somewhere in Between

These are jackets that can be worn to work and out on the weekends. These pieces go with wool trousers, jeans, and more casual chinos, giving you a wide range of wear options.

Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket

via Baracuta.com*

Barbour Lutz Waxed Jacket

via bloomingdales.com*

Topman Selected Homme Khaki Parka

via topman.com*

Do you have any other suggestions on great Fall coats? Help out your fellow gent with what you’ve found by leaving a note in the comments below.