Beckett Simonon: New Loafers Are Looking Good (Sponsored)


Hey Gents, Steve here, and It’s time for another shoe review!

I’ve been over the draw of Beckett Simonon before, but to put it briefly Beckett Simonon is a shoe maker based in Colombia that is offering handmade leather dress shoes, boots, and sneakers at a remarkably low price for the quality. How? They carry a low stock and most shoes are made-to-order. So now that we know what Beckett Simonon is all about and how they work, let’s talk about a new pair of BS’s we got this month- The Cohen Loafer. We decided on giving the loafers a go because it’s the start of the warm season, and with the loafer, some no show socks, and rolled up chino pant legs you have an elevated look with some built in outfit temperature control.

The Eye Test: If you are into looking like you’re worth over a million bucks, then skip to the bottom and click the button to buy these right now. These loafers look so damn good with some slim rolled up chinos, suits, and even flat front shorts. The Bordeaux coloring of these is perfect for matching blues, white, browns, grays, black, and more. The detailing on the toe is simple yet elegant, adding some character but not taking away from the silhouette. As you can see, there are a penny loafer however, they don’t have a bottom stitch connecting the pocket flap to the tongue. So if you are a guy who puts pennies in his penny loafers, you’re likely to lose 2 cents per wear- just a heads up.

The wear test: I took these bad boys on a trip from Philly to Tampa. While there, I wore these to a college graduation ceremony, a day out, and an afternoon lunch. They are super comfortable, give you a little bit of a height bump which is always nice for those of us under 5’9”, and really pop against white chinos (which I wore to the lunch). The first wear (to the graduation) I got 4 compliments in about 3 hours- score. These Cohen Loafers were comfortable right away, very little wear-in time was necessary, making them great for a day-long wear right out of the box. A hard feat to accomplish with finer leather shoes. In short, they wear great and look better.

The walk test: To be honest, the shoes turned out to not exactly fit- they were a bit big and fell off my heel. That being said, a little tissue paper in the toe did the trick to make them work enough to get me through the weekend. Other than the sizing issue these loafers were super comfortable. With a pillowy footbed and just enough arch support, to make them great to stand in for hours. As I mentioned with the other Beckett Simonons the bottom sole is leather, so be weary of wet surfaces during the first few wears.

A note on sizing: Like I said earlier, the sizing was definitely big. I normally wear a 10.5, these were 10s but I definitely needed at least a 9.5, so when you order I would order a full size down.

Overall these are amazing shoes, just make sure you get a size that fits.

Grab your own pair for $300... however, as of posting time they are on sale for $200 which is a total steal.

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