The Consultant's Clothing Starter Kit

Congratulations! You worked hard, passed all of the interviews and finally landed in that awesome consulting job that you were looking for! Air miles and hotel points here you come (get the Bonvoy card now so you can start crushing the points game). This is all well and good, but what do consultants wear!? Consulting is an interesting dress code game. Some firms are still very higher-end business casual, but some are going more of the jeans route to cater to the younger workforce. So we decided to come up with a starter kit that is sure to make you fit in in the office, and at client site (at least for most clients). All our picks are meant to give you the basics you’ll need to meet or exceed the dress code for most offices. Based on your initial budget, we have split our selections into the Signing Bonus and Standard Starters categories, meaning some picks will be on the higher end, and some will be more affordable.

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You will need at least one suit to get you through the important client meetings and meetings with the partners, however, 2-3 is preferable for your first two years to avoid over use. Also, remember many of the managing principles or partners are old-school so dress like you care.

Signing Bonus

Suit Supply Wool Silk 3 piece Suit.jpg

Suit Supply Jort Grey Bird’s Eye Suit

A wool-silk blend 3-piece that is all baller and comes with a vest that can be worn with or without the jacket. This is the impact suit.

J hilburn navy blue check suit.jpg

J. Hilburn Navy-Grey Revenge Check Suit

Get a MTM suit that makes you feel like a king. If you want to look how much you’re worth, this is the pick.

Standard Starters

Suit Supply Dary Grey Houndstooth.jpg

Suit Supply Dark Grey Hounds-tooth

Suit Supply give us an office standard with a bit of character in a subtle pattern. Perfect for office day-to-day


Hartford Fineline Navy Suit

Indochino is full-on MTM that provides a killer fit at an easy price point.


This can be a flex piece but should be versatile enough for you to wear twice a week when traveling to make sure you aren’t packing 30 pieces for 4 days. A quick travel tip, grab a neutral color jacket and wear it on Monday and Wednesday, but change the pocket square and shirt combo so people don’t notice.

Signing Bonus

peter millar navy blue blazer.jpeg

Flynn Plaid Wool Sport Coat

Peter Millar provides a high-class navy blazer with a pattern to elevate your aesthetic.

suit supply havana grey blazer.jpg

Havana Light Grey Jacket

Suit Supply makes a mean blazer. The light grey is a perfect addition to your closet that goes with everything and can be worn with more casual get-up too.

Standard Starters

Bonobos Italian Knit blazer - cotton.jpg

Italian Knit Blazer

Bonobos gives us a blazer that works well in the office but also for more casual occasions. Looks great with jeans and chinos.

Nordstrom mens shop slim fit blue blazer.jpeg

Trim Fit Linen Sport Coat

Nordstrom Men’s Shop has an affordable lightweight jacket option for the warm 6 months that will be necessary from May until October.


You’ll want to snag at least 3-5 non-iron shirts that have a little bit of stretch so that you can rotate them without wearing them out. The non-iron feature will be key for travel. You will likely need to iron them anyway, but you won’t have to deal with any deep creases when ironing in the morning before you head off to client site.

Signing Bonus

Mizzenandmain emerson blue shirt.jpg

Emerson Dress Shirt

Mizzen + Main’s textured light blue shirt is a closet standard to stand out

TM lewin white dress shirt.jpg

Non-Iron Twill Slim-fit Shirt

T.M.Lewin is a manager’s go-to and a quality non-iron option

Standard Starters

Nordstrom Mens shop trim fit non iron dress shirt.jpeg

Trim Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt

Nordstrom’s take on a slimmer standard dress shirt.

CT white dress shirt.jpg

Slim Fit Non-Iron Poplin Shirt

Charles Tyrwhitt. You just have to scare this shirt with an iron to get the wrinkles out


Grab 3 pairs of pants, a cotton-based pair for the more casual office setting and two pair of wool blends for the nicer work settings. The wool will look nicer, wrinkle less, and look amazing with a good blazer or just a button-down.

Signing Bonus

Trim Fit FLat Front Houndstooth Wool Trousers.jpeg

Flat Front Houndstooth Wool Pants

Nordstrom has some elevated wool chinos that are perfect for the office

Bonobos Stretch Weekday warriors dress pants-grey.jpg

Yarn-Dyed Weekday Warriors

Bonobos’ more textured cotton work pants that go with everything

Standard Starters

TTB wool pants.jpg

Classic Navy Wool Pants

The Tie Bar has some of the most affordable all-wool pants available

jcrew ludlow wool pant.jpeg

Ludlow Slim-fit Pant

J.Crew’s version of the wool go-to’s for business casual


You will need a pair of oxfords if you don’t already have some. I highly recommend spending a little more on these because you will need the extra durability that comes with quality shoes if you don't want to have to buy a new pair every 2 years. You will also need a pair of nicer loafers to pair with the more casual clothes and wear in the warmer months. They also pack nicely since they are a slimmer profile.

Signing Bonus

AE parkave-5610-darkchili-angle-web.jpg

Park Ave Cap-toe Oxford

Allen Edmond is the US mainstay for office jockeys everywhere

TAFT the jack shoe in grey:brown.jpg

The Jack Shoe

Taft’s business casual shoe you want and need

Standard Starters


Dean Oxford

Beckett Simonon offers affordable handcrafted leather shoes that are way underpriced.

JM melton cap toe.jpg

Melton Cap Toe

Johnston Murphy is the standard starter shoe for most consultants buying on a budget

Did we miss anything? What are your consulting uniform go-to’s? Leave a comment and/or a link in the comments down below to help your fellow travelling business gents out.