Fall 2018: Bonfire Attire

Photo by  Joris Voeten  on  Unsplash


  • Climate: 40-60 degrees (F)

  • Dress Code: Rugged/Casual

  • Color Scheme: Brown

  • Full Outfit Price Range: $264-$610 (excluding accessories)

The Outer Layer

Orvis Wool Driving Coat: This wool blend coat is perfect for any outdoor activity, whether its a camp fire or a simple commute to work. This wool driving coat has the patch pockets you need for camping, and the lined hand packets you want when the temperatures dip lower than you’d like. Good for the woods and the city. $298*

Flint & Tinder Denim Trucker: Everyone has the standard denim trucker jacket from Levis. Be a little different while pulling off a similar look with this trucker jacket from Flint & Tinder. $168*

Barbour Sapper Waxed Cotton Jacket: As the most expensive choice of the bunch, you’d expect it to be the highest quality, and this one is exactly that. Made with a quilted liner and the classic Barbour corduroy collar, this all (cool) weather jacket protects you from the elements while making you look like an accomplished woodsman. With copious pockets and a wax cotton exterior this jacket was made for outdoor adventure that is cool enough to wear to work. $429*

The Top

Western Rise Elkton Stretch Flannel: The name of the game for campfires is typically flannel, however you won’t see any buffalo plaid here. This Elkton Stretch Flannel is made from advanced COOLMAX polyester and a little bit of wool to keep you warm while looking rugged. $120*

Taylor Stitch The Glacier Shirt: Taylor stitch has yet to do wrong. The Glacier shirt is built like a western button down but looks like it fits in a city. It’s thick, warm, and speckled, making it the play if you want to look modern and keep warm. $125*

OuterKnown Blanket Shirt: The reason this shirt is on the list is pretty self explanatory. Fires and blankets just go together, so why not wear a shirt made blanket material? $145*

The Bottom

DSTLD Slim Jeans in Six Month Worn Wash: Jeans are the classic go-to if you are heading to the wilderness. Jeans are durable, and warm enough for the cool nights. DSTLD does a great job with their denim, and their slim cut is mildly tapered, giving you plenty of room to move if you are going for a more comfortable cut. $85*

Outer Known Paz Cord Pants: These are the comfy option. Cords are warm and soft. They’re basically dressed up sweatpants with a more formal silhouette. These from Outer Known have a draw string to make them even more comfortable. So if you are going for a comfy night by the fire, these are the play. $118*

Bonobos Flannel Lined Chinos: As we said before flannel is the name of the campfire game. Bonobos has once again released a fleet of flannel lined chinos that are warmer than their normal line, and as you’d expect, they’re super warm and soft on the inside. Just want you want for an extended time outside in the cold. $128*

The Feet

Taft Viking Boot: If you have read this series before, you know our love for taft. These are their most rugged heavy-duty boots. With a thick sole, rugged laces and some serious leather, these are an outdoorsman’s boots, perfect for adventures. $295*

Cole Haan OriginalGrand Cap Toe Boots: Cole Haan has a lot of boots with their super light walking sole, these are not one of them. These are one of the few offerings Cole Haan still carries that has a more traditional boot shape and sole, which works well, especially for a campfire look. $300*

Red Wing Merchant Boots: These are expensive. They are also super worth it. Red Wings are the standard when it comes to boots. Everyone knows it, they know it and you know it. These are a more fashion conscious style they offer meaning they will look great on the street and in the field. $319*


United By Blue Mariner Beanie: Head warmth is key when your out past sundown, and while your campfire creates a nice bit of heat, your head tends to be the furthest body part from the fire. This Mariner beanie from UBB is great for bonfire parties and daily wear. Those in Fishtown of Philly, and Brooklyn, this is your headwear catnip, enjoy. $28*

Stanley Vacuum Growler: Outside of the gear you wear, hauling some tasty beverage is a key ingredient to any successful and fun campfire outing. Whether it’s cold craft beer, or some hot toddies, this growler can carry 64 oz of fun juice and keep it at temperature for hours. Don’t bonfire without it. $55*

DeWalt Premium Welding Gloves: If you’re going to be handling fire, it is important to make sure you stay safe. These welding gloves are designed to handle high heat and open flame to make sure your marshmallows are the only things that get burnt. $39