Winter 2018: New Years Eve Outfit

Photo by  JESHOOTS.COM  on  Unsplash


  • Climate: 20-55 degrees (F)

  • Dress Code: Festival semi-formal

  • Color Scheme: Black

  • Full Outfit Price Range: $239-$789 (excluding suits and accessories)

New Years Eve is a holiday to celebrate the ending of a long year, and the opportunity to succeed for another 365 days. Depending on what your plans are, New Years Eve can be a big event to dress up for, even if you are just going to a house party. Ending your year, and starting a new one, looking your best is a great way to pay homage to a whole year of dope fits and a perfect opportunity to kick off a brand new one. To help you say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019 in style, here are some ideas for what guys should wear to a New Years Eve event.

Suit Set

Guidance: If going formal, Charcoal, black, or Midnight blue are the go to classics. If you want to go more flashy, then try a burgundy.

Indochino Hampton Midnight Tuxedo: A classic piece with a more modern color way and an even more modern fit. Make an impact and look better than everyone else in this bad boy. $499*

Suit Supply Lazio Tuxedo: This is the classic tux you can wear to really any formal event, including New Years Eve. If you love a classic, this one is for you. $599

Salle Privée Burgundy Satin-Trimmed Velvet Jacket: We had to include an aspirational piece in this set. This burgundy velvet tux jacket is wild and awesome. If you want to show you’re better than everyone else in the world, this is the jacket for you. If you go with a piece like this, keep the rest simple and don’t take away from impact of the jacket. $1,650*

The Top

Guidance: If you are going with a tux, just go with a tux shirt or a plain white button down. If you aren’t going that high, here are some cool tops for welcoming the new year.

Twisted Tailor ‘Silence’ Shirt: No suit? No problem. This shirt is loud without being too much. Make a statement and have some fun. $95*

Scotch and Soda Gradient Knit Sweater: Less loud, all style. This gradient sweater is a killer mock-neck with a cut-out that’s stylish and subtle for those who’d rather make a statement with their words. $139*

Topman Leopard Print Sport Shirt: Screw it. It’s a new year. $51*

The Bottom

Guidance: Again, if you aren’t going with a suit, you’ll need some pants to go with those wild tops. Any of these will do.

Club Monaco Sutton Donegal Dress Pants: Warm, wool, textured, and a slimmer silhouette make these trousers a great option for any fit you want to add a little formality to. $180*

Bonobos Stretch Chinos in Single Malt: Adding to the burgundy theme for this year, we have these “Single Malts”; a simple chino in a slightly different color that just works for your more casual parties. $98*

Mr P. Worsted Wool Trousers: If you are going with a blazer, more specifically anything in the burgundy, green, or camel families, these are a great pair of pants that will look good and hold up for years to come. $225*

The Feet

Guidance: Pick the shoes that match your general outfit formality. We have a pick for the more formal, the more casual, and right in between.

Allen Edmonds Grayson Dress Loafer: Mark my words: TASSELS ARE COMING BACK. If you are going with a tux or a suit that goes with black, be the first of your friends to rock the reemerging trend. $425*

Taft Jack Boot in Grey/Oxblood: We all know we’re in love with these. So if you think we are suggesting a black/burgundy theme and not including these as an option, you’re out of your mind. $250*

Steve Madden Simon Chelsea Boot: In between the loafers and the taft boots we have these Chelseas. If you are going with wool trousers and don’t want to go taft-boot-casual, these are just a notch up and will look killer with any of the pant and shirt combos listed. $90*


Guidance: Details are important, but don’t overdo it. It will take away from your overall look and make you seem like you’re trying too hard.

MVMT Black Leather Watch: The final piece to any great assemble is the watch. Tie it all together with something that isn’t too flashy, that doesn’t take away from your statement piece. $72*

Dents Shaftesbury Touchsceen Cashmere-lined Leather Gloves: While the majority of your night is spent inside, you will have to venture through the cold to get where you’re going. Don’t grab your date with some ice cube fingers, keep your phalanges warm with some cashmere gloves, and keep the nip of winter at bay. $165*

The Tie Bar Paisley Bowtie: A tux is one of the few instances a bowtie is actually called for, so take advantage while you can. $19*