Early Spring 2019: Spring Street Style- Back to the 90s


  • Climate: 50-70 degrees (F)

  • Dress Code: Casual

  • Color Scheme: Black and Brights

  • Full Outfit Price Range: $230-$553

The 90s called and they are coming over on their huffy to hang out for the next 6 months at least. Early Spring is a time to start adding some color to your wardrobe, but not going full-on tie-dye (even though some stars are throwing caution to the wind with this trend). We will be giving you some killer fits that are 90s inspired but will keep you warm, but not too warm.

Outer Layer

Guidance: We are going sweats on the top for our street style look. Feel free to top any of these with a jean jacket should it be cold enough.

Scotch and Soda Printed Hoodie: A Spring heavy top that will keep you warm and give off that “warm weather is coming” feel. $145*

Champion Embroidered Logo Hoodie: Champion is making a huge comeback in street style. Get in on the trend with a simple design with a fun color. $80*

Fila Leroy Chevron Pullover Sweatshirt: This looks like you found it in the back of your older cousin’s closet when they moved and decided you were keeping it. Killer look. $55*

The Top

Guidance: Simple graphics can make more of a statement than complex prints or picture-based ones. Less is more.

SaturdaysNYC Gotham Chest T-shirt: Understated but it will have everyone looking at you a little longer to read it. $48*

Polaroid Long Sleeve Graphic Tee: This shirt screams 90 nostalgia. If you want to show off the trend, this is the pick. $40*

Champion Block Lettering Logo T-Shirt: A simple touch showcasing the trend that doesn’t follow it exactly. Perfect for the guy just wants to dabble but not dive. $15*

The Bottom

Guidance: Lets go retro with some modern cuts.

Levi 511s in Bee Eye Black: A classic jean to complete the throwback look you want. $70*

Rag & Bone Fit 2 Todds: A modern slim-ish fit with a nineties-inspired wash strikes a great balance for the rest of your outfit. $250*

Nike Men’s Joggers: If you want to flex the athleisure and 90s trend simultaneously, these are the pants to own right now. $70*

The Feet

Guidance: Probably the best place to flex the retro-modern crossover look is on your feet. Just choose how much 90s you want.

Adidas P.O.D.S3.1 Sneakers: Retro-inspired street shoes that are super comfy, not loud, but still make a statement. These are the least 90s of the set. $100*

New Balance X-90s: New Balance? Really? Yes. These are a great gateway because the N isn’t too prominent, and the color accents are killer, giving it a hint of 90s. $90*

Nike Air Max 90s: These are the most 90s we’ll get and they match the FILA sweatshirt we picked perfectly. Even if you just cop these, the color accents are super 90s and very saved by the bell. Eat your heart out Zack Morris. $110*