Bonobos Jetsetter Bright Navy Wool Blazer



I know what you're thinking, Bonobos is known for their pants, not their blazers. This is true, however, their designers are really amping up their game when it comes to garments going above the waist. The Jetsetter blazer is 98% Italian wool and 2% elastane, making it soft to the touch and has a bit a give for your on-the-go lifestyle. There is no thread count listed online, but based on feel we are thinking it's in the super 100s-super 110s range. Normally we wouldn't go the off-the-peg route, but with the high arm holes, and mildly aggressive tapering, you won't need to tailor this too much to get a more custom silhouette. This jacket is perfect to sport on your way to the office or the theater, heck this would be perfect for any semi-formal, or nice night out. We would pair it with chinos or a pair of dark-wash jeans, collared shirt, and brown chukkas. Go impress your date, family, or friends and step up your game.

Available on for $400, but we would budget another $70 for tailoring.


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